Pixel 3XL Leaks

With Google launching the Pixel 3 and 3XL on Tuesday, October 9, 2018, we pretty much already know what to expect from the phone because of the leaks. The definition of the term "leaks" means "(of secret information) become known." At the end of spring to the beginning of summer, the leaks of the new Google Pixels of 2018 have been spreading. The first news that was told was that a box of the phones was stolen in Russia. People were speculating that the leaks were fake. Now we are getting closer to the event and we now are speculating that they are for a fact not fake.

A new report from Engadget shows us that a store in Hong Kong is already selling the Pixel 3 and 3XL. The box, phone, and the items inside the box match the leaks from the stolen boxes. The video and pictures down below show us the phone in all it's glory. Still, all of this could be a hoax from Google so we don't know what the real phones actually look like. There was another leak earlier as well that Google made four to five different models and leaked one in particular to get the public's feedback. If the feedback was bad, they would release a different design that was already made at the event. If the leaks were good, well, we know what it looks like. With that being said, let's wait and see what Google will be unveiling at their event on Tuesday.

*Bottom two photos by Engadet

*Video by Engadet

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