One Week Later: iPhone XS Gold 64GB

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

So far, it has been a week since I got my iPhone XS in Gold. I previously had the iPhone X and wanted to compare them both in a week, and that is what I did. In this article, I will cover these different topics, Price, Size, Colors, Performance, and my overall Liking and Disliking opinions.


Both the iPhone X and XS cost the same price at launch. Starting at $999 you can get a baseline storage of 64GB and that is what I got. The price never bothered because I am on a monthly payment plan. Paying about $40.00 a month is better than paying $999 at once. With the cost being so high, you do get good specs and performance speeds. Pricing could vary with your income though, and can be tough to get a $999, but it is worth it if you want high end specs in a good looking bodybodybody


The iPhone X and XS have the same 5.8" screen size. When I was deciding to get the iPhone XS, it was between Max and the regular 5.8" XS. I chose the XS over the Max because I already had cases and I liked the screen size. Looking at the screen size of the Max, makes me feel like I'm looking at the iPad Mini.


When I got the iPhone X, the only colors were Space Gray or Silver (which looks white). I of course went for the silver model because it was a white and black combo with the back glass being silver (white) and the front glass being black. When I heard that the iPhone XS was coming in Space Gray, Silver, and Gold, I immediately knew I was going to get the gold color. Black and Gold is a great combo.


Now, this is where I did not know if I should upgrade. The A11 Bionic chip is fast. Apple's new A12 Bionic chip is fast as well with the first ever 7 nanometer chip. And iOS 12 made the iPhone X even faster than iOS 11. Apple did promise that the A12 Bionic chip provided 30% more speed in the performance of the phone. This topic really isn't that much of a difference for upgrading, but I did and I love the speed and the smooth performance of the phone.


Lastly, this last topic is my overall opinion of the iPhone XS. I have to say, battery life and the speed of this phone has just blown me away. I love the new camera and the new bokeh effect it can do. Still, you can get an app to do the bokeh effect, but it is directly in the camera app though. My favorite feature of this phone really isn't a feature, but it is the color. The new gold finish is the best color Apple has made. I couldn't be more happier with this phone.

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