It would’ve been nice to see these features on the Apple Pencil.

Ever since I bought my new iPad Pro, I’ve used the Apple Pencil second generation every day. The features it offers over the original is great. The magnetic placement of the iPad to charge and the double-tap to change drawing tools is the best addition to the Apple Pencil. There are a few additions I would’ve liked to see.

The first addition that I would’ve wanted is a fingerprint sensor. The new iPad Pro’s have a fast and secure Face-ID, but it doesn’t always work. A fingerprint sensor adds a quick and secure option that would be nice to have on the new Apple Pencil. The second addition that I would’ve wanted is to skip and pause music. Since the Apple Pencil has the ability to change tools for drawing, why not be able to do the same for music. If we were able to do that, it would make listening to music so much faster and easier. Lastly, the third addition, I would’ve liked to see goes along with the second addition, but with taking pictures. The Samsung Note 9 that has a stylus can take pictures by pressing a button on the S-Pen. With the Apple Pencil, you could use the technology by just single-tap or double-tapping the side of the pencil to take a picture.

I hope Apple can take this into consideration for the third generation of the Apple Pencil. Comment below if you have any additions for the Apple Pencil you would like to see.

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