Is iCloud Drive Worth it?

Ever since Apple released their version of Google Drive, they have been trying to push people into using it. When Apple released iCloud Drive, it was supposed to be a superior alternative for Google Drive. It had storage access through all of your devices that support iCloud Drive and store all of your important documents like pages, keynote, numbers, your downloads on your computer, and your desktop.

The only problem is, most of your files take up more than 5GB of the baseline storage in your iCloud account. This means that you need to pay Apple $0.99 a month for 50GB or a higher price if you want more storage. If you are using Google Drive, you get a baseline storage of 15GB and you can get more storage if you need it as well.

I recently stopped using iCloud Drive in favor of other systems like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box. These systems have been used in the past for me as well as other people I know. I probably have thousands of documents in Box and Google Drive and have never once needed to pay for more storage.

The question I have for Apple is, "Why can't we have our own storage system for iCloud Drive?" Seriously, I do not want to share iCloud Drive storage with my contacts, photos, backups, and more. I need that storage for important items too. Therefore, as the title of this post says, "Is iCloud Drive Worth it?," I would say no. Think of using another service if you want to store different items.

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