iPad Pro 2018 Review

Ever since the iPad Pro’s from 2018 were released, I never really fully like them. I thought they were too ugly and different from what I was used to in an iPad. The new Apple Pencil was not really a need for me, I was fine with the one I had. The body of the iPad’s was nice and loved the new box design, but it also was not a need for me. Once I found out it also bends and snaps in half with no force, I did not want it. Every YouTuber was saying it was the best product of 2018 and the best iPad ever. Again, I was fine with my 10.5” iPad Pro in the best color, Rose Gold.

When it comes to technology products, I’m one to say I’m not going to get it. It happened with the iPhone X, got an iPhone 8 Plus and then switched to the iPhone X because of the way people were saying it was really good. I did the same thing for the iPhone XS, not going to get it because it was not really different. Though I did want the Gold color. And once again, I did get the iPhone XS and went on Apple’s “iPhone Upgrade Program” to get a new phone every year. Lastly, I did the same with the iPad Pro’s of 2018.

On January 24, 2019, things changed. I went to my local Best Buy and wanted to trade in my old MacBook Air, iPad Pro 10.5”, and Samsung Galaxy S8. I got some good money with the trade in’s and got a deal with the new iPad. I only need 64GB and wanted Space Gray. I opted for the 11 inch iPad Pro because I already had a 13 inch MacBook Pro and 12 inch Microsoft Surface. Luckily, Best Buy had the one iPad left in the storage size of 64GB and Space Gray.

The iPad Pro’s really just got me loving the new design that they have to offer. I loved the new folio keyboard and case that Apple offers. The new Apple Pencil also got me wanted to use the double-tap feature it offers so I can use it better when I take notes and draw. With no home button, I quickly got used to the interface because it’s the same from my iPhone. Face ID is so much faster and better with being able to hold my iPad from any direction. USB-C on the iPad is so much better than lighting. Fast charging and the battery life is great. Also, the speakers are really loud and it sounds so much better.

Just because I like the iPad doesn’t mean stuff about it bothers me. First, I’m scared to put it in a backpack because I don’t want it to bend. Second, no headphone jack on an iPhone is fine, but an iPad that you use to watch movies and videos. Lastly, no gold color.

With all that being said, I think this is the best product of 2018 and I will keep using it for blogging, watching movies, drawing, etc. A piece of tech like this should not be used once and put in a draw to be turned to dust until a new iPad comes out. This fast tablet will last for a while, and will likely be my go to piece of tech on vacations again.

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