Exciting New Updates to our Website!

We are so excited to announce our brand new updates to our website. It's been a long few months of planning new features and updates. Since we just passed our three years as a company in March, our top priority was to update our website's UI and add new features and enhancements to the user experience. On Sunday, June 21, 2020, we published our brand new UI and updates to the public. In this article, you will read about all of our brand new updates and we hope you can try some of them out.

1. LINK. a DTP Network

As you may know, our social network is called, "DTP Network." The DTP Network launched on day one of our website three years ago. Since then, we have expanded the network to be stand alone from our blog and add new features along the way. During our update, we knew we needed a brand new name and theme. We are so excited to announce the brand new name as LINK. a DTP Network. We decided to call our social network LINK, to showcase how people are linked together on social platforms and it's a way to communicate with different people. LINK also keeps the name "DTP Network," because we wanted people to know that we aren't creating or replacing a new social network, but rebranding it with more features.

2. LINK. a Photo

Another part of our social network is LINK. a Photo. This update adds a brand new experience to photo sharing. LINK. a Photo is a way to share photos with members of the site. You can easily tap the plus icon, add your photo, add a description, and tag members. It's as simple as that. Also, members can easily like your photos by clicking the heart icon. It's another way people can "link" together. In the future, we are hoping to add the ability for you to comment on photos.

3. Member's Area

Site Visitor's/Member's View
User's View

Our member's area has been the main hub for members to access their profiles and other features such as their notifications, blog likes and comments, DTP Network likes and comments, etc. Our new update to the member's area brings a new UI look and adds new information to the user so they can get what they need fast. On the profile page, we have expanded the user's profile card which includes their profile picture, background, and menu. This gives more information on the page for the user and other members to see. On the profile card, we have added a new messages tab so members can direct message that member easily. Verified badges have also been added to the member's profile card. Members can also make their profile private if they wish by selecting the three dot's on their profile card and selecting "Make my profile private." If this feature is turned on, other members will not be able to view their account and they can not like or comment on posts in the LINK network. The profile menu has added new pages including LINK. a Photos Posts and Wishlist. The wishlists page is linked to our shop, so you can see all of the products you have added to your wishlist. We have also renamed DTP Network Likes and DTP Network Comments to LINK. Network Likes and LINK. Network Comments. Lastly, the member's area has a new color change with a simple white background and our company blue color for accents.

4. Shop Page

As we've mentioned in our member's area update, we have added a wishlist button to all of our products. This button is circled with a heart in the middle. Once you click on that button, it will automatically be added to your wishlist. If you would like to remove an item from your wishlist, just unselect the button. This feature will give our customers better access to their favorite or wishlist items easily in their profile. The shop page also got a brand new design with a white background, our company blue color, easy to read text font, and new button designs.

5. Homepage

The first page you are always greeted with is our homepage. To celebrate our three years as a company, we decided to update our homepage to give a brand new look. The first photo in this article shows our new front and center greeting saying, "Celebrating 3 Years of DisTech Pro." We wanted to create a brand new design to showcase the way we have changed as a company. If you continue to scroll down on our homepage, you will see different links to pages including, our blog pages for Disney and Technology, as well as our shop page with a product being showcased. With our brand new update, we have released a few new coupons for you to use on our shop page to use on any product(s) of your choice. We hope you enjoy our brand new design!

Now these are some of our biggest updates to our website at the moment, but there are more that will pop up in the feature. We also have minor updates including color design and information for pages, but the five listed above are our main updates. Take a look down below on some cool new updates coming in the feature.


1. LINK. a Group

With our brand new name for our social network, "LINK. a DTP Network," a brand new photo-sharing service, "LINK. a Photo," we will be introducing "LINK. a Group." This group will bring a new way of social networking. We have created pages that have added features people have been asking for including, a heart for a like or an emoji. LINK. a Group is currently in beta testing and we are hoping to roll it out to users beginning in the middle of Summer 2020. With that being said, you must be thinking, "What else can you do if it has the word "group" in it?" Well, you will be able to create your own group either public or private for just you and your friends, company, sports league, etc. This space isn't going to be used just for Disney and Technology, but to be used for anything you want. We've had so much positive feedback about LINK. a Group and we are so excited to share it with you in the coming months. If you want to become a beta tester, please fill out the contact form on our website's homepage.

To conclude this post, we are so happy to be able to share these brand new updates with you and we are hoping to share more in the future. If you haven't already, please sign-up to become a LINK. member for free today or sign-up for our memberships and experience even more. If you would like to join our beta test for LINK. a Group, remember to fill out the contact form on our homepage. With all that being said, have a wonderful rest of your day.

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