BlackBerry KeyONE Revisited vs. KeyTWO

BlackBerry has had some of the best phones in the past years with their security of the phones and the use for businesses. In their past phones, BlackBerry made their own software called "BlackBerry OS." Although in 2015, they released an Android phone called the Priv. The BlackBerry Priv had Android and all the other bells and whistle of a BlackBerry including their software, security, and of course their keyboard. Since the Priv's release in 2015, BlackBerry has decided to keep their phones going with Android. And that's where will end up with the KeyOne.

The BlackBerry KeyOne was released in April of 2017. BlackBerry's new stylish design was already a hit with the critics when it was announced. The specs of the phone were in the 2017 standard phone line. The best feature was probably the KeyOnes massive 3500 mAh battery. The rest of the specs are down below in this table.


As you look at the specs of the BlackBerry KeyOne is a pretty standard phone. Since this phone is so popular, they announced this June 2018 of a new phone, the BlackBerry KeyTwo. The specs of the KeyTwo are down below.

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Both of these phones of great qualities and are both similar in many ways. Now the title might throw you off a bit because it says "VS.," but the phones are going head to head in the specs sheet. If you are looking for a BlackBerry, you can pick either phone for the same amounted of quality. The one problem is the BlackBerry KeyTwo is $100 more than the original KeyOne.

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