Apple Music on Google Home?


I have gotten this question a lot from family and friends on how to use Apple Music with a Google home. With recent news spreading around saying that Apple Music will be able to be played with an Alexa speaker, what about Google. The answer is a little bit complicated because Apple and Google don't have the best relationship. Though the simple answer will probably be "No Apple Music on a Google Home."

Follow these nine simple steps so you can get your money's worth with your Apple Music subscription and Google Home.


1. Open the "Home" app on your Android device

2. Go to settings

3. Go to the Assistant's tab

4. Scroll down to your devices and click on a device

5. Scroll down and click on "Paired Bluetooth Devices"

6. Click "Enable Pairing Mode"

7. Go to your Bluetooth settings and click "Pair new Device"

8. Click on your Google Home device name

9. Once paired enjoy playing music from the Apple Music app by pressing on a song and hitting play


It's that simple and easy. Currently on an iPhone though, it doesn't seem to have these settings. If anyone has found a way, please email us at or fill out our contact form on the home page of our site.

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