Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation vs Google Home Mini | The Goods and Bads

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Recently, I bought the new Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation. I wanted to try something new and this was it. I have owned everything that the Google Home family has to offer, from the original home to the mini to the hub. Everyone has been saying good things about the Echo line up and I needed to see what the whole deal was. So, my first priority was to buy the cheapest echo and that was the Echo Dot. Amazon just released the third generation at the time and was on sale for $29.99¹.

Now comes the time where I actually unbox it and try it out for the first time. The set-up for so simple a baby could do it. All my information from my Amazon account was brought over to the Alexa App. I had to see what the differences were from the Echo Dot and Google Home Mini, so I started.

1. The Xbox

The first may come has a surprise, it did for me. I just found out that the Echo's can control your Xbox. I paired my Echo Dot to my Xbox and it worked like magic. I could turn my Xbox on and off, plus more. Had to try this out with my Google Home Mini, but couldn't. No Support for my Google Home Mini. 1 point for the Echo Dot.

2. The Internet

Searching the web is what Google is best known for. So, I had to put my questions in a jar and ask each device the same question. The one to get everything the fastest and the most accurate is the Google Home Mini of course. Google can search more than Amazon no doubt because of Google leading the Internet search industry. 1 point goes to the Google Home Mini.

3. Texting and Calling

Both devices can call and the calls have good sound. The only problem is texting. On the Echo Dot, you can text using Alexa only with an Android phone. This is kind of strange, but that's the response I got from Alexa. On the Google Home Mini, you can't text whatsoever. Even if you have an Android, you can't text anyone. At least on the Echo Dot, you have an app that has the messages integrated into it for you. 1.5 points for the Echo Dot because it can call, text using Android, and you can text in the app with a dedicated communications tab. .5 point for the Google Home Mini because it can call.

4. Music and Sound

Each of these devices can play music and have great sound without an external speaker. The Echo Dot though, has a dedicated AUX port to connect a speaker to it for even more sound. Both also have the option to play music through your music accounts, including Spotify, Pandora, and Deezer. On the Echo Dot, you can play your music through your Apple Music, SiriusXM, VEVO, and Tidal accounts. On the Google Home Mini, you can play your music through Google Play Music, and YouTube Premium. The Echo Dot gets 8 points and the Google Home Mini gets 6 points.

5. Connect Home Devices

The Echo Dot and Google Home Mini can get commands to turn lights on and off. Both devices can do the same commands for all companies including, for example, Philips Hue and August. Any connected home devices that support for both companies is a good thing. Most of the companies allow us to use these devices hands-free. 1 point goes to both the Echo Dot and Google Home Mini.

Now let's tally up the scores and see which device has better features.

Ok, so as you can see, the Echo Dot beats the Google Home Mini by 3 points. Am I ok with this, No. The Google Home Mini will always be my favorite, but this is a fair post and gives you a choice to decide between which one you won't to buy. I will be keeping the Echo Dot and using it as my Xbox voice controller. As for now, we will have to see what the future brings for these two devices.

Thanks for reading!

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1. On sale at the time of purchase. Check local or online stores to see prices.


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